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About Us

Social Security & Medicare form the foundation of retirement in America, yet are not well understood. The Turning 65 Workshop was created by Thomas Wright, who spent over 35 years in the financial services industry. Tom witnessed first-hand this widespread 'illiteracy'... and how hard it often is to find reliable, understandable, and objective information. 

Essential Information. Engaging Communication.

A Turning 65 Workshop is a high-energy, engaging, and entertaining event... not a dull lecture on Social Security & Medicare's innumerable rules, guidelines, and filing details. Practical, need-to-know information is delivered in a memorable way. Our primary audiences are pre-retirees in their mid-50s to mid-60s. We believe strongly that live presentations make the strongest impression- and leave the most last impact on this age group. And the subject matter is too important to be done as a webinar. As we like to say..."the world doesn't need more webinars!"

Teaching. Not Selling.

Unfortunately, most Social Security & Medicare presentations are done with the underlying motive to sell financial products, such as annuities, mutual funds, or Medicare insurance plans. Still others are done by volunteers from local non-profits that serve the elderly. While we never disparage groups who promote Social Security & Medicare awareness, the Turning 65 Workshop stands alone in offering strategically designed events that deliver honest, unbiased, and practical info that captures attention in ways audiences remember. Give us a try and see for yourself!

About Our Workshops

Employee Programs

“That really was an awesome workshop session!! I really think that every employee should take this session as part of enrollment. I wish all of this information had been available to me years ago!!!”
Attendee at a recent workshop 

Continuing Education

"The Turning 65 Workshop recertification program for HR professionals was fantastic.The presenter was enthusiastic and made the content fun to learn!
I give it 5 Stars!"
  Sylvia McCarron, HR Manager, NH

Advisor-Client Events

"Provided valuable education to our clients- and staff- in areas where we frequently have questions, don’t have ready answers, and find it difficult to find answers. A great investment in our practice!" 

David Williams, CPA, Rockport ME 

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