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Social Security & Medicare form the foundation of retirement in America, yet are not well understood. The Turning 65 Workshop was created in 2016 by Thomas Wright, who spent 30+ years working independently as an employee benefits advisor. Tom saw first-hand this widespread 'illiteracy' in the workplace among older employees... and how hard it often was for them to find reliable, understandable, and objective information. 


Unlike other presentations which have an underlying motive to market insurance, retirement plans, or other financial services, we only conduct paid learning programs. This makes our workshops candid, unbiased and free of any hidden sales or promotional agendas. A Turning 65 Workshop is a memorable event for your valued older employees. They will gain practical insights that stay with them long afterwards... and will give them confidence to face the important filing decisions ahead!

Learning for Older Employees. Training for HR & Benefits Teams

The Turning 65 Workshop delivers relevant, need-to-know information straight to the workplace. 90-minute 'consumer-level' presentations are specifically designed for older employees (typically age 60+). They receive practical, easy-to-understand guidance about the important filing decisions they will soon be facing, including the how Medicare interacts with group health coverage if they are still working at 65.

An advanced training 60-minute breakout session for HR & Benefits team members is included with all Turning 65 Workshops. This unique, high-priority content includes case studies, and covers the specific Medicare eligibility and enrollment challenges that arise when employees remain on the group health plan at age 65+.  And it's even pre-approved for 1.0 SHRM & HRCI recertification credit.

Find out for yourself why there is no other employee learning program in the United States that compares with the Turning 65 Workshop!

About Our Workshops

Employee Programs


 90-minute workshops for employees age 60 and older.  Practical 'consumer-level'  content can be delivered live or by video. Always in an engaging, fast-paced presentation format.

Professional Training


Advanced training  breakout sessions for HR & Benefits teams are included.  Need-to-know content that's hard to find about Medicare's impact on group coverage for employees age 65+. 

Meeting & Conference Presentations


Our founder, Tom Wright, is available to present Social Security,  Medicare and the Aging Workforce. Very popular content for human resources, employee benefits, and other business groups! 

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