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Social Security & Medicare form the foundation of retirement in America, yet are not well understood. The Turning 65 Workshop was created in 2016 by Thomas Wright, who spent over 35 years in the financial services industry. Tom saw first-hand this widespread 'illiteracy'... and how hard it often is to find reliable, understandable, and objective information. 

Essential Information. Engaging Communication.

The Turning 65 Workshop strives to deliver practical, need-to-know information in an unforgettable way. We offer employee presentations designed for pre-retirees age 60+, and also a comprehensive 3-hour training program for HR & Benefits teams.  Our workshops can transform the level of understanding & confidence about Social Security & Medicare within your organization!

Teaching. Not Selling.

Unlike other presentations which have an underlying motive to promote insurance, retirement, or other financial services, we conduct paid learning programs that are unbiased and free of any hidden marketing agendas. A Turning 65 Workshop is a memorable event filled with targeted insights that capture the attention of participants... and stay with them long afterwards.

About Our Workshops

Onsite Employee Programs

“That really was an awesome workshop session!! Everyone on staff my age (58) and older needs this info. THANKS for making this available to us!”
Employee in Worcester, Massachusetts

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HR & Benefits Team Training

"The Turning 65 Workshop for  HR & Benefits teams was fantastic. The presenter was enthusiastic and made the content fun to learn! I give it 5 Stars!"
  HR Manager, Manchester, NH

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Meeting & Conference Speaker

 "Drove over 2 hours just to attend this presentation. So glad I did!" "I really think this was the best program our chapter (PIHRA) has offered."
Attendees at HR chapter meeting in Pasadena, CA

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